Hora D’Impacto - Trabalho Temporário, Lda., Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) Licence n.º 669/2011.

In particular, we provide specialised labour for diverse sectors of the market both in Portugal and abroad. We deal with human resources recruitment, selection, management and consultancy, as well as professional training.

We believe in being dynamic and flexible to best meet the needs of a competitive market. Our belief in people has been key to client satisfaction and the continuous growth of our company. 

Our employees are well-qualified and bring added value to any business. 

You will be delighted with how quickly and smoothly we deal with the whole process for you, from recruitment and legal procedures through to signing of contracts and negotiating salaries.

The Benefits to Your Company

Effective, quick, and customised solutions for seasonal work, temporary contracts and short and long-term projects.
Cost savings on labour and time involved in recruitment.
Decreased bureaucracy and administrative procedures.
Our recruitment team is experienced in all areas of business and ensures that we find you the best employee for the job.
We deal with all the temporary sector labour legislation and regulations so that you don’t have to.
Huge database of professionals, updated on a regular basis.

Let us be Your Today and your Tomorrow

We are professional, committed, and competitive as well as totally reliable. We meet with all current standards.

We take an integrated approach to technology and financial development. We are committed to the continuous professional development of our employees, ensuring that we provide you and your employees with the very best solutions.